Management Team

CDL is part of the Cayman Distributors Group (CDG). Please visit the CDG website for information on the CDG management team.

Alex McClenaghan

Group Marketing Manager

Alex originally hails from Canada and has been in the Cayman Islands since 2006. With over 20 years in the Food and Beverage Industry his earlier career managing restaurants, lounges and nightclubs laid the ground work to move into Wholesale Distribution representing some of the world top brands. As Group Marketing Manager, Alex’s focus is within Brand Management, Retail Marketing and Online / Digital Marketing and when not in the office is at home with his wife and 2 children.

Brian Moxam

Sales Manager

Brian is the Sales Manager for CDL’s prolific beer, wine and spirits brands. Brian is responsible for overseeing the daily activities of the sales team. He enjoys close working relationships with all of the islands’ on-trade and off-trade accounts and is an authority on CDL products. Brain was born and raised in Cayman and later moved to Tampa, Florida, where he worked in banking, condo leasing and sales. Prior to joining CDL, Brian operated a company specialising in flooring and granite countertops.

Jodie Ehrhart

Logistics and Purchasing manager

Jodie is the Logistics and Purchasing manager, however she joined Cayman Distributors through the wine department and has been instrumental in growing our company’s wine portfolio and sales during her first 7 years. Jodie hails from the south of England, where she trained as a chef. After travelling the world extensively and working in prestigious establishments such at Number 10 Downing Street she moved to the sunny shores of Cayman. She has worked in and around the hospitality industry her entire life and brings a wealth of knowledge. She still loves to travel and enjoys the outdoors. You can often find Jodie walking on the beach with her friendly rescue dog, Maggie. She has been with Cayman Distributors since 2007 and has been living in the Cayman Islands since 1998.

Gina Kettner

Non-Liquor Sales Supervisor

Gina is responsible for managing sales and distribution of all of CDL’s non-liquor brands, including Lucozade, Ribena, Pickapeppa, Aquafresh and Panadol. Gina is the sales representative for retailers islandwide (including supermarkets, gas stations and stores) and works closely with them to merchandise CDL’s non-liquor products at the point of sale. Gina is an authority on CDL’s non-liquor product portfolio and uses her extensive knowledge to ensure each brand is well supported in the marketplace. Gina is responsible for sourcing new products to add to CDL’s non-liquor product portfolio and managing A&P marketing budgets most effectively. Before moving to the Cayman Islands in 2005, Gina previously worked for 3 years in the marketing department of a food manufacturer and in banking for 10 years.

Ernie Bodden

Operations Manager

Ernie is the Operations Manager and a long-time employee of Cayman Distributors Ltd . He is responsible for overseeing the smooth running of the business, including receiving shipments, fulfilling orders, warehouse operations and deliveries. His career includes 22 years in the Airline Industry with the last 10 years as the Vice President of Operations for the Cayman Island’s national flag carrier, Cayman Airways. Ernie spent over 10 years as Owner/Manager of two of Grand Cayman’s largest Night Club, giving him valuable experience of the distribution industry from both sides. Cayman born and raised Ernie is married and has two sons.

Lee Quessy

Senior Sales Representative

Originally from Canada; Lee developed a passion for wine while living in Sydney, Australia. He decided to enroll in the Wine & Spirit Education Trust program gaining sommelier certification in 2009. In early 2010 he accepted a sommelier position at The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman. He worked with Ritz Carlton for a year before joining Cayman Distributors Group as a wine sales representative in 2011..

Danny Raymond

Sales Representative – Draft System Specialist

Danny originally hails from Colorado but has been in Cayman for 27 years. His 15 year culinary back ground as a chef fueled his love of Wine, Beer and Spirits. Danny is still running the roads as a Sales Representative but also acts as our Draft System Specialist and Napa technology's wine dispensing machine technician maintaining our state of the art systems to offer the best products possible.

Mark Haring

Sales Representative

Mark up the majestic Rocky Mountains and Pacific Ocean of Vancouver 22 years ago for the white sand and tranquil waters of Grand Cayman. Mark brings extensive knowledge of the Hospitality/Tourism trades to the job, making the transition into the Sales Department an easy one. When not golfing, his other hobby is photography and an appreciation of cars and motorcycles.

Josh Pawlik

Sales Representative

Joshua hails from Tampa, Florida where he began in the Sales industry over 12 years ago. He has sales and customer service experience with some of the world's leading telecommunication companies such as Verizon, AT&T, Cisco, and Mitel. Joshua moved to Cayman in 2008 and joined Cayman Distributors at the beginning of 2013. An avid learner of industry, he enjoys traveling and spending time at distilleries and wineries. He spends his leisure time with his wife and two young children at the beach or boating.

Mark Nevin

Sales Representative

Mark arrived in Cayman back in 1999, coming from the prairies in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. One of the coldest areas! He has worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, covering every spectrum possible. One would recognize him from such iconic spots on Grand Cayman as Bed Restaurant and Lounge, Yoshi Sushi and Copper Falls Steakhouse. Mark made the move to Sales Representative in 2014 where his knowledge of our wine portfolio and Industry relationships are a great asset.